Benefits of Membership


Annual Subscription Fee: US$100


  1. Inclusion on the CAR website directory.
  2. Information on research.
  3. Case discussions and other meaningful connections with colleagues.
  4. Ease of referral to colleagues.
  5. Affiliation with The Association of Women in Rheumatology (AWIR) including reduced fees and other benefits.
  6. Invitations to conferences eg Les Journees Antillaises de Rhumatologie in Martinique on April 5th and 6th 2018.
  7. Opportunity to collaborate to improve rheumatological care across the Caribbean.

There are 4 categories of membership:

A person who is distinguished by his work in Medicine or Research in the Caribbean or abroad and has contributed to the advancement of Rheumatology or who has rendered conspicuous service to CAR. Fellows shall be elected by the Directors from among persons who at the time of their election are members of CAR.

Registered medical practitioners who work in the field of Rheumatology and basic scientists whose research interests are in rheumatic diseases.

Non-residents of the Caribbean region who contribute to the work of CAR by research, correspondence or otherwise. Application for affiliation will be subject to approval of the Directors.

Individuals pursuing regular training in medicine or medical research.

Please submit the filled out registration form to

Our Board of Directors 2018 - 2020

2018 - 2020

Previous Executive

President - Dr. Amanda King
Vice President - Dr. Cindy Flower
Treasurer - Dr. Lynda Tilluckdharry
Secretary - Dr. Sharon Dowell

Other directors were 

Dr. Nicole Johnson, Dr. / Prof. Eon Nigel Harris and Dr. Vincent Nwosa

Caribbean Association for Rheumatology
Bay Medical Centre
P.O. Box GM712
Castries | Saint Lucia

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